The Worst Part of Being Wrong

A Facebook friend wrote a status update with the opening lines of the theme song to a very popular 90s sitcom, but without naming the show. It was an invitation for a know-it-all like me to offer a guess; and, like a person easily baited by chances to show off game show trivia without actually … Continue reading

Fictional Euro Boys Have Amazing Insight

When I told her the topic of this blog, she asked me whether I usually think foreign words are funny; I don’t, but I find myself irresistibly amused by the words Häagen-Dazs. I know it’s a brand name of premium ice cream, but it sounds more like European slang that a mother and father would … Continue reading

Holiday Gatherings and the New World Order

The following is an accurate account of events which occurred on the afternoon of this past Labor Day, further infused with repressed emotions and residual unspoken thoughts from previous holiday gatherings, the content of which will remain unsaid to those involved so long as I am never in their presence while filled with any sort … Continue reading