Let Go of Your Revenge Plot and Get More Sleep

The best reason to release the grudges you’re holding is that not doing so silently empowers those who’ve wronged you. Maybe they don’t know it, but you do while you lose mental energy and sleep imagining a Count of Monte Cristo-style revenge story worthy of induction into the canon of classic literature. The fire of … Continue reading

Trying to Get Everyone to Like You Is A Sign of Mediocrity

At every level of potential and success, there are naysayers who seek mean-spirited gratification at your expense.The hatred you receive the closer you are to what you want is discouraging, but it’s also something else. Dale Carnegie said “[W]hen you are kicked and criticized, remember that it is often done because it gives the kicker … Continue reading

The Worst Part of Being Wrong

A Facebook friend wrote a status update with the opening lines of the theme song to a very popular 90s sitcom, but without naming the show. It was an invitation for a know-it-all like me to offer a guess; and, like a person easily baited by chances to show off game show trivia without actually … Continue reading