Why Do Critics Never Like My Favorite Movies?

I perused my dvd collection, last night, looking for a fun, mindless movie to play while doing other things not that much more important than not-watching a mindless movie as background noise. I honestly think the idea was have to something on in case someone  should call or IM me to ask what I was doing, … Continue reading

I Rarely Finish Books I Dislike

Recently, several of my Goodreads friends asked me how I’m so lucky to only read books that I like enough to rate with 4 or 5 stars. Simple: I rarely finish the books I dislike. Lately, the theme of my life is “life is too short,” and especially for spending 300 pages of my life … Continue reading

Who Remembers 1000 Free Hours of AOL?

I remember my sophomore year of high school when I first received those cds from AOL offering hours of free online access. This was back when 33.6k modems were “lightning fast.” Then, I discovered email: “You mean I can send someone an electronic ‘letter,’ just like that? HOW ARE THEY NOT CHARGING FOR THIS?”  One … Continue reading