A Little Self-Deprecating Humor Never Hurt Anyone But Me

Depending on when you read this, I just now realized that this guy

The king's speech teacher

is also this guy

A really bad guy, who somehow made the third movie tolerable

In case you’re blind–as I must’ve been, until now (hey… then how are you reading this?)– I’m essentially saying that I just learned that Geoffrey Rush is also Geoffrey Rush.

I.KNOW. So much for bragging as often about my superior facial recognition skills, and ability to read movie credits before blithely announcing “I love this movie enough to buy it and not download it illegally, because so-and-so is in it.”

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to scoop out some ice cream (after it melts a little), curl up into a beanbag chair appropriate for a child half my size, and absolve my under-developed visual deficiencies with an instructional book with a title like Pattern Recognition and Memory for Absolute Duh-mmies.

You know, some wise person no one really remembers once said, or at least vaguely implied, that a real man is able (but may choose not) to admit his wrongness about something of such critical significance before another has the chance to expose him for it. Or something.

When you find a guy like that, let me know.


2 Responses to “A Little Self-Deprecating Humor Never Hurt Anyone But Me”
  1. Gnetch says:

    So. I’m horrible at recognizing faces too. BUT! Guess what? I sometimes misread words.

    For example: Someone posted “I wanna taste a Krabby Patty” on Tumblr. I thought it said, “I wanna taste a Katy Perry.”

    I know. I’m really that awesome.

    Now, I want that ice cream.

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